A building is only original once, but it’s also the case that buildings cannot stay original forever. They must be utilized, repaired, and, as a necessary fact of their survival, adapted. 

 When we delve into a historic building, we understand the language of the environment in which our predecessors conducted their lives by understanding their ways of working and living. Our job as restorers is to engage in a meaningful dialogue with that language and execute our work in a way that will be comprehensible to those who continue our work in the future. If our work derives from that goal, we are perfectly capable of ensuring the long-term survival of historic structures while not compromising the efficacy of the often beautiful, elegant principles that enabled them to endure in the first place. 

We are very much creatures of today, but we so often see the clear logic and evolution of design honed by our forebears over the course of centuries. We of course will use modern methods and techniques to achieve our goals, but not at the expense of fidelity to the core, original vision. We approach historic buildings with a great deal of curiosity, excitement, humor and reverence, but are also excited at the prospect of reproducing or creating something from scratch. 

Whether you’re looking to save an existing structure or commission a new, historically-geared work, you’ll find an open-minded, academic approach executed with a true artist’s eye. Our people have committed themselves to this field because of a deep and abiding love for truly timeless work. Putting it simply, we’re doing work we profoundly care about in our favorite place on Earth. We look forward to accepting the trust of executing your project.